The Circus (Paper Doll) is in Town   February 1, 2013   No Comments

So that grainy, blurry image above is a picture of my circus paper doll in Paper Doll Studio, Issue #104, published by OPDAG.  Well, the one of the left is mine.  The one on the right is TOM TIERNEY!  I know it really isn’t that big a deal, and that it’s just random placement in the magazine, but my art is next to the work of Tom “legendary paper doll artist” Tierney.  I think it’s made my year.

Anyway, here are the circus dolls to print if you want to.  The magazine added the background (which I love).  I’ve never been great with backgrounds in any of my art, and I think this worked well.  I wanted to create a watercolor doll this time instead of a digital doll.  Sometimes having a brush in hand feels better than a digitizing pen.  I’m rather pleased with it, honestly.  And I hope everyone else is, too :)

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