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I try not to re-post everything from my paper doll blog on this site, but I wanted to share this.

For anyone who doesn’t know this, I live in Massachusetts.  I’ve lived in New England almost all of my life, and I have spent a fair amount of time in Boston.  When the bombing hit the marathon, it was surreal.  I had friends running there.  I was on that street not two weeks ago.  My husband drives to Cambridge every single day.  I can’t pretend to understand what happened there, or how those people are feeling.  I do think, however, that part of the job of an artist is to interpret the world and provide some beauty.

My doll for this week is April, with a runner’s outfit and a Boston shirt.  A lot of people are wearing their Boston gear right now, and so I made this doll.  It’s one of the teeny, tiny ways that I can feel a little bit better about what happened.  Hopefully, it will cheer someone else, too.

You can save the image (it’s 150 dpi, so it might not print great) or click on the pdf link below the image.

Download the April paper doll pdf here

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